Jaksyn plays live at Cubby Haus Brewing

Saturday 2 December, 7pm

Jaksyn in hat playing a guitar

Fusing various influences to create an eclectic and creatively expanding sound, Jaksyn strives to bend genres and fuse styles across his work.
He creates a confusing yet tantalizing experience from his synth-laden indie-pop sounds through to spaghetti-western guitars set across a wild west landscape.

$10 entry. Bookings recommended.

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Marcus Cassells plays live at Cubby Haus

Saturday 16 December, 7pm

Marcus Cassells plays at Cubby Haus Brewing

Marcus is a singer / songwriter and guitar player with a folk roots vibe telling a story, drawing inspiration from his time growing up in the country, life events, and some of the more confronting elements of life.
Combining deep raspy vocals and earthy country folk tones, Marcus gives us original story telling songs with grit and resonance to everyday life and people.
$10 entry. Bookings recommended.

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Cherry Berliner Weisse

Cherry Berliner Weisse, can and pot

Our Cherry Berliner Weisse has arrived in time for Oktoberfest. This German style wheat ale is fruity and pleasantly sour. Available in can and on tap only at the Cubby Haus Bar.

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60 Shilling Profile

The term 60 shilling came about as each barrel was charged excise based upon alcohol content. This style being a light beer was charged the least at 60/-.

Scottish ales were traditionally made using “last seasons” English hops as they were cheaper. This lead to a malt forward style with caramel notes and never smokey. Before hops, local herbs such as heather, meadowsweeet and other wildflowers were used for flavouring.
Our version also uses noble English hops with a late addition of local chinook for a touch of grapefruit and spice.

Drop in and try our 3.0% light ale, a Bronze Medal winner at this year’s Indies.
Sixty Shilling Scottish Light ale, Indies 2023 Bronze Medal Winner.
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Compostable beer rings

We’re reducing our environmental impact with our 100% compostable packaging. Our beer rings from BioPak are made from sugarcane pulp and our barcodes are made using string and cardboard.
Beer cans packaged in sugarcane rings with cardboard barcodes

Mitchell Harris Wines

Mitchell Harris Wines street view
There are lots of great restaurants around Ballarat offering great food, exceptional wine and …ordinary beer. However, Mitchell Harris Wines offer the full dining experience with superb food, exceptional wine and a great range of craft beer …including ours. https://mitchellharris.com.au/

New Gallery Space

We have expanded our gallery space for an up and coming new artist: Tobias (my son). Drop in for some beers and then visit both spaces (urmm, toilets).

Saison is Back

Evil Goat Saison decal on tap

The “Evil Goat” Saison is back on tap! We did an experiment and cellared this Saison for 12 months. The result is well worth the wait. It’s big, bold and extremely smooth and won’t last long.

Retro Music Collection

Whether it’s Bowie, Kobain or The Cure, chances are we’ve got a record for you. Come and peruse our vintage LP and CD collection today!

David Bowie picture LP "Let's Dance" on turntable